Bag filter products

A typical bag filter has a dimension of 592 mm x 592 mm and consists of 4 to 12 parallel bags. The length and depth of the bag filter varies from 300 mm up to 900 mm. Bag Filter media efficiency varies from very low (coarse filter) to very high (fine filers). The Bag filter material is made of glass or polymer fibers of different thickness or number of layers, depending on the required filter performance.

Bag filter - 2 in one solution (IAQ) Bag filter - 2 in one solution (IAQ)

City-Flo XL is the all new filter with particle- and molecular filtration in the same media. This unique filter media has a very low initial and average pressure drop during it´s life time. Several worldwide standards requires this kind of solution in urban and heavy traffic areas.

Bag filters glass fibre media Bag filters glass fibre media

Hi-flo bag filters with glass fibre media are the best performed air filters according to particle efficiency during it´s life time. Hi-Flo adapts to a low initial and average pressure drop to minimise the energy consumption. All Hi-Flo bag filters are tested and approved according to worldwide air filter standards.

Bag filters synthetic media Bag filters synthetic media

The synthetic media in Camfil Farrs Bag filters has been developed for the lowest possible energy consumption, which means a very low initial pressure drop. The average pressure drop stays low over the lifetime of the filter.



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