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The first stop of Camfield Lab is in Fabrinet Co. Ltd., Klongluang, Patumthanee Province of Thailand. The first test was conducted on December 21, 2010 to the end users who are cynic with the reality that they can save costs from using high efficient and good quality filters. Four different pre-filter and medium filter combinations were used in this test including the recent filter combination they are using. Fabrinet Co., Ltd. is one of the leading companies in Thailand that utilizes 100% particle free Cleanrooms. This makes them the best subject of Camfield Lab first case. The test was completed on July 14, 2011.

This study ought to establish which panel pre-filter and medium filter combination will give the end user maximum savings and highest air filtration efficiency.  Nonetheless at the end of this study, the end users can evaluate their own air filtration system and can help them choose which filter combination which will best suit their needs and satisfaction. 

Filter combination for Duct A are based from the models that another company uses, for which this test also aims to establish TCO concept’s excellence. Duct B contains 30/30 and Durafil ES which are TCO products of Camfil Farr that aims to prove that by using the said products the ends users can get maximum efficiency, energy and cost savings and can minimize environmental liabilities. Duct C contains filter combination that Fabrinet Co. Ltd is using at the time of the test. And Duct D filter combination was set by CFT to demonstrate that efficiency, energy and cost savings, is not constantly correlated.  This study aims to prove to all air filters users particularly Fabrinet Co. Ltd. that they can benefit even more if they avail TCO products.



Ducts A, B and D show a typical efficiency for a filter that does not depend on electrostatic charge to achieve the advertised efficiency. However, Duct B shows a slight increase in efficiency during the test which proves that it is functioning well and can last longer with good performance.

Durafil ES is the only filter with built-in advance features that meets optimize efficiency and energy use.                                                                                                                                         

LCC Test Result

Most of the electronic companies focus more on the purchasing cost of the filters they use. Now, from the success of ”Camfield Lab first stop is in Fabrinet Co., Ltd.” case study and with the full support of Fabrinet Co. Ltd., both companies efforts were finally paid off. With the realization on Total Cost of Ownership, the end user now fully understands that they should now consider energy, labor, operating and filter cost in order to achieve maximum savings. And that by selecting the right filter combination they can improve they filtration system as well.

TCO     Elements

Duct A

Duct B

Duct C

Duct D

Energy Cost (THB/Year)





Filter Cost (THB/Year)





CO2 Impact (Ton)





Average    efficiency   0.4 Micron (%)





Total Cost of       Ownership (TCO) (THB/Year)





Once again Camfil Farr proved that they are the best choice in air filtration. The test result shows that the end user can save up to 36% by shifting to 30/30 and Durafil ES filter combination. Annually, Fabrinet Co. Ltd. is spending 25,386 THB/filter, with the realization on TCO project the end user will just have to spend 16,148THB/filter. Not only that they can also help lessen CO2 emission by conserving energy through Durafil ES, because of its unique design that allows air to easily pass through. And to top it up they are assured that they will get the only product that can provide the highest filtration efficiency in the market.

Completely Green

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